Italian | noun

The first moment or the initial
phase of a journey; starting point.​​​​

Beginning, Start, Root, Kick-off

​Affordable, Secure and Scalable Technology Solutions for Start-Ups and Small Businesses


Infrastructure design and configuration to meet the needs of your business.
Including but not limited to:



Remote Access/Management

Server Configuration




Wireless Networks

67% of small businesses don't invest in the infrastructure necessary to sustain their business


IT Security planning to protect your
business against cyber-threats. 
Including but not limited to:

Existing Firewall Improvement 

Multi-Factor Authentication

Mobile Device Management

Network Security

Office 365 Email Security

Physical Security Advisement

Security Awareness Training


60% of small businesses fold within six months of a successful ransomware attack


Strategic IT & Business consultation to support current and future growth.
Including but not limited to:

Emerging Technologies

General Business Advisement

Future-Proof Networks

IT/Data Center Scaling

Leveraging Cloud Offerings

Multi-Location Networks

Policy & Procedures

Remote Worker

66% of rapidly growing small businesses fail because they were unable to scale with their growth


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